Town of Windham, ME

Windham is a vibrant, growing community of 18,000 located 10 miles northwest of Portland. Windham is considered the gateway to the Sebago Lakes Region, with a unique mixture of recreational areas, shopping, dining, and services.

The town enrolled in AARP’s Network of Age-Friendly Communities in January 2019. A committee formed and completed a public survey in October 2019. The committee is currently working to develop an action plan to make Windham a great place to live for people of all ages.


Age Friendly Windham is dedicated to helping the town’s older residents remain independent and help them thrive while aging at home. Our mission is to:

  • Partner with local and regional organizations and volunteer groups, to increase services and programs that make it possible for residents of all ages and abilities to live and thrive in Windham.
  • Provide activities geared to keeping people healthy, active, and engaged in our community.
  • Advise the Windham Town Council about infrastructure and policy that will make it easier and safer for Windham residents to live in our community.

Committee Members

Deb McAfee, Human Services Advisory Committee
Jennifer Alvino, Windham Public Library Director
Tom Bartell, Windham Economic Development Director
Kate Brix, Community Member
Linda Brooks, Windham Parks and Recreation Director
Mark Bryant, Maine House of Representatives District #24
Jennie Butler, Parks&Recreation Advisory Committee
Rene Daniel, Windham General Assistance Administrator
Marge Govoni, Human Services Advisory Committee
Lorraine Glowczak, Fuller Center
Jean Grant, Human Services Advisory Committee
Mike Hall, Human Services Advisory Committee
Amanda Lessard, Windham Planning Director
Mark Morrison, Windham Town Council
Brandi Patenaude, Human Services Advisory Committee

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