Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Outdoor spaces, such as parks and buildings, affect the independence and quality of life of residents of all ages, but especially older adults.  Some Maine communities have made parks more accessible by increasing the width of paths and adding benches.  Others have increased the number of designated parking spaces near key services and added accessible features to municipally-owned buildings.

What Windham Residents Say

“Windham is not walking or biking friendly. 302 is a death trap and traffic lights cause a lot of unnecessary congestion.”

“…If Windham has a “park” I don’t know of it- although the one being built by the police station has promise.  …the town should procure a “town park” like that of Portland’s Deering Oaks or Westbrook’s River Front park.”

“ Age Friendly Neighborhoods -prefer to live with people of all ages.  Windham is too rural for old people to walk far, especially if using a walker or wheelchair.  They would need to drive to parks also would need to be close to bathroom.”

“ We desperately need more accessible outdoor spaces.  I would also be in favor of a dog park!