Safe and affordable housing promotes well-being and is key to older residents being able to age comfortably and safely in the house and community of their choice.  Communities can make regulatory changes to encourage additional housing options or to help create new housing.  Some initiatives have started their own “Handy Brigade”, others have partnered with existing services to increase awareness of home modification and home maintenance services.

What Windham Residents Say

“Am happy where I am just would like help once in a while for tasks I cannot do.”

“ Windham needs more affordable housing for senior citizens.  The planning board continues to approve subdivisions but most are not one level housing.”

“ We witnessed a family member struggle with finding adequate housing when owning and caring for her own home became too much. (Endless wait lists) This is a community with established infrastructure/housing options. Windham is far behind offering options to residents as they age.”

“ Senior housing locations have huge waiting lists, therefore, applications are closed.”

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