Community Support and Health Services

Access to health care and services to support aging in place is key for the health and well-being of older residents.  Some communities have emphasized food security in this area.  Other have looked at elder abuse prevention or added disaster preparedness.

What Windham Residents Say

“So glad Walmart and Shaws will deliver dry goods and groceries to the door at a reasonable price and the parks and rec bus runs once a week.  Twice would be better. “

“ Many other communities like our lending program for medical products such as wheelchairs, etc. this is a great help to many of us and well worth the effort to continue!”

“ …My greatest concern  as I age is whether our communities will have the health care providers for in home and assisted care facilities.  Our society is seriously lacking caregivers.”

“ Aging in place is hampered by lack of public transportation, inadequate accessibility to information on senior events, general neglect in overseeing aging adult needs.  If neighbors don’t take on these roles, our senior population suffers.”