Social Participation

Socializing with friends and neighbors who don’t live in the same house as you is connected to physical and cognitive health.  Many communities have started a “senior” center or added to the opportunities available.  Others have partnered with local organizations such as lifelong learning programs, an art center, or a library to increase programming for adults.

What Windham Residents Say

“I am very lonely and find many people feel the same way.”

“This is what needs attention for older seniors who can still get along but get lonely with being widowed and would be nice to mix with people our age.”

“Windham really needs a community center that is readily accessible for all – young and old.  Here they could have programs and resources that could bring together of varying ages. Seniors do not necessarily want to be around other seniors all the time.  Having cross generations opportunities benefit both young and old. “

“ …Lack of daytime cultural stimulation, programs and meetings for people who cannot drive at night but could in daylight.”

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