Respect and Social Inclusion

Socializing with friends and neighbors who don’t live in the same house as you is connected to physical and cognitive health.  Many communities have started a “senior” center or added to the opportunities available.  Older people are regularly consulted by public, voluntary and commercial services on how to serve them better.   Older people are visible in the media, included in community activities for “families”, recognized by the community for their past as well as present contributions.

What Windham Residents Say

“Ways to engage the elderly and youth in social programs, learning respect from each other.  Many kids need mentors to learn outside of school.”

“I think the community center where people of all ages gather would help our seniors to engage and maybe share their life skills with others, rather than withdraw from society all together.”

“Aging in place is hampered by lack of transportation, inadequate accessibility to information on senior events, general neglect in overseeing aging in adult needs.  If neighbors don’t take on these roles, our senior population suffers.”

“…Windham is lacking services for the elderly and the population is growing in Windham for seniors, capable of taking care of themselves but have absolutely no social space to gather for conversations with others.  Gorham found a place for their residents which include Windham but I think Windham should have their own place.”

“…It would be nice to have more opportunities for social activities, etc. that are free or low cost and also have transportation available for the elderly or those who do not drive to take advantage of the facility.”

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