Civic Participation and Inclusion

Older people do not stop contributing to their communities when they turn 65 or 85 or 105. An age friendly community provides opportunities for residents who want to or need to work past traditional retirement age and encourages people of all ages to volunteer and participate in the political process.

What Windham Residents Say

“the most significant concern I have in being TAXED out of my home due to property taxes”

“More help with property taxes- trade volunteer hours for reduction…”

“ the single biggest obstacle to remaining in Windham as I age is the cost of living.  From a town perspective the most meaningful influence on the cost of living is the tax rate and valuations.  Relief in the form of a tax program for seniors should be enacted.  It needs to be something like an exemption upon a certain age, reducing the bill by a few hundred dollars really has no impact.  If someone has been living and working and paying taxes for over 30 years in a community, there should be some relief in later non income producing years.

“ It would be great to have a monthly meeting at the high school or town hall during daylight hours where seniors can voice concerns, learn more about programs available and ask questions and provide feedback on what we think the needs to improve.  The feedback can be forwarded to the town council and town manager.  A senior leads the group would also be great.  A group of seniors who can advocate for fellow seniors and their issues and their discussion can be printed in the paper with their findings and solutions.”

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